The Privacy Policy regards handling of personal data related to customers, suppliers and other cooperation partners of Welas Oy Ltd. The protection of personal data is important to us and we follow regulations regarding data protection.


Welas Oy Ltd
Business ID: 2261734-3
Virtaviiva 8 H

FI-65320 Vaasa

Contact Person

Pekka Mikkonen

Virtaviiva 8 H
65320 Vaasa
Tel. +358 50 368 5133


Name of Register

Customer and Marketing Register of Welas Oy Ltd.

Purpose of Handling Personal Data

The purpose of handling personal data is to maintain customer, supplier and other cooperation relationships and contract management. Handling personal data is necessary to fulfill legitimate interests of the controller related to marketing and customer service, contractual obligations, pre-contractual measures at the request of the data subject and/or statutory obligations.

We do not use data for automatic decision-making or profiling.

Data Subjects

Data subjects include contact persons of current and potential customers, suppliers and cooperation partners.

Content Information of the Register

Only appropriate and necessary data, name, phone number and contact information, is collected. In addition, data relating to contract management, invoicing, recovery and maintaining customer relations is also stored.

Regular Information Sources

We can obtain personal data from the data subject itself, from customers, suppliers and/or cooperation partners through e.g. quotations, contracts, orders, invoices, e-mails, by phone or through meetings. Data can also be submitted through the online contact form.

Storage of Personal Data and Limitation of Use

Personal data is handled confidentially, properly and securely. The data is updated when necessary and incorrect and faulty information is removed or changed. The data is stored only for as long as it is functionally necessary for the controller.

Disclosure of Data

Personal data is not disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. Handling of personal data can be partially outsourced to a third party, in which case we guarantee through a contractual arrangement that the data is handled properly and according to current data protection legislations.

Personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Processors of Personal Data

Only certain, pre-determined employees of the controller have access to information containing personal data. The data is protected by both technical and organizational measures.

Data Transfer outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Data from Welas’ customer register is not transferred outside the EU or EEA.


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Rights of the Data Subjects

Data subjects have the following rights. Requests regarding their usage should be directed to the following address: Welas Oy Ltd, Pekka Mikkonen, Virtaviiva 8 H, FI-65320 Vaasa, or to the e-mail address:

Right to Rectification of Information

The data subject can request rectification of incorrect or insufficient data that concerns him/her.

Right of Opposition

The data subject can oppose the usage of personal data, if he/she feels that they have been used unlawfully.

Prohibition of Direct Marketing

The data subject has the right to prohibit the use of personal data for direct marketing.

Right of Removal

The data subject has the right to request removal of personal data if the handling of it is unnecessary. We process the request of removal whereafter we either delete the data, or inform the data subject with a motivation as to why the data cannot be removed.

Please observe that the controller can have a statutory or other right not to remove the data in question. The controller is under obligation to, amongst other things, keep accounting material stored for a defined period (10 years) according to the Accounting Act (chapter 2, section 10).

Withdrawal of Consent

If handling of the subject’s personal data is only founded on consent and not e.g. a customer relationship, the data subject can withdraw his/her consent.

Appeal of Decision to the Data Protection Ombudsman

A data subject has the right to demand that we limit handling of the controversial data in question until the matter is resolved.

Right of Appeal

A data subject has the right to appeal to the data protection ombudsman if the subject feels that the current Data Protection Act has been violated when handling personal data.

Contact information of the data protection ombudsman:

Welas Oy Ltd
Virtaviiva 8 H

FI-65320 Vaasa