Laser technology for the printing Industry

Segmented Ink Blade

Welas’ own product is the segmented ink blade that sees use in the printing industry. Each ink blade is designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific needs and dimensions. As the printing industry becomes more and more digitalized, it becomes even more important for the traditional printing technique to be able to produce printed matter even more economically, and investing in a segmented ink blade is a profitable acquisition.
Welas – Segmented Ink Blades

Why choose Welas’ Segmented Ink Blade

Some of the benefits associated with Welas’ segmented ink blade designed for offset printing presses are

  • Reduction of paper usage and paper waste (maculature)
  • Adjustment of colours becomes faster and more accurate
  • The quality of the ink film becomes more even
  • The ink dosing becomes easier and the amount of ink needed decreases
  • The control of the print quality is facilitated
  • Utilization of the press increases
Welas – Segmented Ink Blades

Wide compatibility

Welas’ ink blades suit among others the following manufacturers of printing machines:

  • Manroland Goss websystems
  • Wifag Polytype Group
  • AH Tensor International
  • Goebel and Drent
  • KBA

Brochures and specifications:

Welas segmented ink blade (pdf)

Welas ink blade dimensions (pdf)

More information about Welas Segmented Ink Blades