Segmented ink blade

The segmented ink blade – colour control of high quality

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Welas own product is a segmented ink blade, which is designed for ink fountains used in different kind of offset presses. Each ink blade manufactured according to the wishes and measurements of each customer to maximize the benefits of it.

A segmented ink blade is in many ways a profitable acquisition. Its benefits will soon cover the investment costs, in view of the paper and ink wastage as well as the better utilization of the press.

Thanks to the segmented ink blade, the adjustment of the colours is faster and more accurate, resulting in a more precise ink film and a better final result of the graphic art.

Our selection of segmented ink blades suits among others the printing machines of the following manufacturers:

  • Wifag
  • Koenig & Bauer
  • manroland
  • Goss
  • Manugraph
  • Rotatek
  • Polytype

Welas ink blade dimensions

Welas segmented ink blade

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